Sitecore Custom Google Map Field

So I’ve playing around with Sitecore CMS lately. For you that don’t know about Sitecore, you could refer to this Link.

In this post, I would like to share how to create a custom field in Sitecore. The idea for this post is, we will create a custom Sitecore’s field, that could set a latitude and longitude value from Google Map. It’ll consist of a textbox control that will hold the longitude and latitude and 2 buttons; set location and clear location. When we click set locationbutton, it’ll open up a popup windows, and you can point to a specific location, whether the clear button will clear our field value.

I found a very great article from Alex Shyba and Adam Conn that will tell you more specific about how we create a custom field in Sitecore, or you always could find a Sitecore’s documentation in Sitecore Developer Network.

So basically, our custom field will look like this


Here’s the step about how we do this Smile.

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